Me? Well… to describe me in a few words I am…. a Christian.Photographer.College Student.Country Girl.Love my life.  That’s me in a few words. God has given me a few talents, taking pictures is one so I want to do it since He has given it to me. I’ve always loved taking pictures.
I love taking landscape/close ups/random things. And they tell me I’m a good portrait photographer too (look at the pictures to decide for yourself…leave me a comment to tell me how I do) 🙂
Through life I’ve realized that life is precious…it’s fleeting…never promised and you don’t realize you don’t have pictures until it’s too late so I hope that I can enable you to have pictures of you and your loved ones at a reasonable price (I’m willing to negotiate most times too.)
I specialize in individuals (Seniors, teens, etc) but can do and love doing couples, families, children, groups of friends, etc. Outside shoots only, as of now. Purdy, Missouri is where I’m at but I’ll do surrounding places too. Around my place is also a good option. :)A certain number of pictures will be put on a disc for you to print at the photo lab of your choice until I get a place where I can send them off (I’m working on that)
Email for more info, pricing, etc..


I'd love to hear from you!

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